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Microsoft Advertising at DES 2021

image of auditorium stage with two Microsoft speakers
One of the first hybrid events in the digital marketing industry, The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) 2021, took place in Madrid this month. Microsoft Advertising explored the topic Marketing with Purpose and how to create brand experiences that generate trust in the consumer.

Stand for purpose and trust

2021 continues to be a difficult year in the workplace, with many organizations facing the challenges of business digitization. It is more important than ever that brands lead by values ​​they believe in and act with purpose.

Mascha Driessen, Regional Vice President Continental Europe, Microsoft Advertising, spoke about the importance of building consumer trust to consolidate the brand, and grow the business in the long term. 92% of people say they have a more positive image of a company that supports a social issue and 60% of Millennials and GenZ prefer a brand that supports a social cause. Based on this research, brands that communicate their values authentically and inclusively are the ones that are able to build a more meaningful, trusted and lasting relationship with their consumers. Check out Microsoft Advertising’s inclusive marketing training session led by MJ DePalma

Challenges for brands

Mascha Driessen was interviewed by Silvia Aviles, Chief Marketing Officer at DES, on the pandemic forcing changes in consumer behaviour and mindset. That behavioural shift in turn led to brands and companies fully reinventing the customer experience through inclusive marketing.
Watch the full video interview here:

Inclusive marketing

Making Science, Microsoft Advertising Partner, strives to implement inclusive marketing strategies. During the event, the fireside session ‘Digital Marketing is Inclusive Marketing’ was led by Estefania Solera, Account Director at Microsoft Advertising Spain. Estefania interviewed Patricia Yuste, Director of Digital Marketing at Making Science, who stated that, “At Making Science, we work on evangelizing our employees with our values”.

Image of event stage with Estefania and Patricia during the interview

Patricia believes inclusive marketing is “key to a successful strategy”, precisely in times of great uncertainty. In her own words, “large companies have the agility to change in real time, we must have that capacity that made us all react throughout the last year”. 

Learn more

Visit our Marketing with Purpose section to discover how to practice in your organization, with your colleagues, with your team, and finally, when offering your product and marketing to your consumers. You can also access our Marketing with Purpose Playbook to find out which values best connect with people and how to include accessibility and inclusion elements in your advertising campaigns.