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Fun quizzes with Microsoft Advertising


This week, we are excited to share with you a fun Bing quiz on dog facts for pet lovers.   

We’ll be updating this blog regularly with new quizzes, so be sure to keep checking in over the coming days. You’ll find quizzes in multiple languages–from English to German, French, Spanish and Italian–so anyone can join in and have some fun!

Dogs Quiz 

If you are a dog owner or simply like them, you will probably get surprised by the following dog fun facts. Snoopy has become one of the most recognizable characters, but do you know where the inspiration come from? 
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Wonders of the World Quiz

The Wonders of the world are stunning places that will remain engraved in your memories once you visit them. Some are in remote valleys and carved in rocks like the ancient city of Petra, some others are the most iconic monuments in their architectural styles, a good example is Taj Mahal. What makes a monument a wonder? Try this quiz and learn more about those majestic places.  
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Fitness at Home Quiz

Admittedly, going to the gym takes time, and there are benefits of doing it with a virtual coach in your own terms.  With the recent outbreak, many people have set an effective home workout to simply maintain an exercise regime and get in shape without leaving the house. Let's exercise those cognitive ability and demonstrate how good you are at this fitness Quiz!

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Cooking at Home Quiz

Cooking is a perfect way to get your family together, unleash your creativity preparing a delicious meal and get your family closer than ever as they discover different flavours and new cultural dishes. It also has other virtues: As cooking requires your whole attention, it helps to break your daily routines as a stress reliever and much more. We hope you get a well deserved break by playing with the below fun cooking quiz.

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Meditation at Home Quiz

As the boundaries between work and personal life become increasingly blurred, it really helps to clear our mind from stress and anxiety. That’s why we’ve put together a meditation quiz to instil a little bit of peace and calm into your mind during these uncertain times.

Fun fact: Did you know that people often compare meditation to a gym exercise? It's true that the lotus position during meditation has the most benefits, but it's not the only way to meditate! Test your meditation knowledge in the language of your choice:

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Earth Day Quiz

In honour of Earth Day, this week’s theme is the environment. From trees to oceans, we know the Earth needs nature–and so do you.

Nature is vital to our daily lives, so for this year’s Earth Day, we wanted to celebrate our planet by putting together a fun quiz to test your knowledge on nature related facts.

…So put on the kettle, have some fun and learn something new while challenging yourself with Microsoft Advertising’s quick nature quiz! Try it in any of the following languages:

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And don’t forget to stay tuned for more fun quizzes!