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COVID-19: EMEA insights & advertising tips - May 26

This week’s insights reveal 3 core changes around web demographics, job searches and Home & Garden keywords.

More specifically, the following findings will help you optimise your campaigns as there’s been a notable increase of the older generation coming online. Career related terms have never been so high and online shopping momentum around home and garden across Europe continue to grow.

+65 become search savvy

Unsurprisingly internet usage has continued to increase across all audience groups. 
UKOM data from ComScore revealed that people 65+ have increased time spent online by 12% YoY, however across the Microsoft Search Network, we have seen a whopping 73% year on year increase in searches among this audience in April. 
Searches using generic terms have overtaken brand searches for this group and the commercial intent is clear as clicks have also grown.  Key verticals include, Food & Groceries, Real Estate, and Occasional Gifts, as they move to home deliveries and ensure they continue to recognise celebrations for close family and friends. 
Advertising tips
The 65+ demographic is more likely to use different and more generic search terms than younger ages, emphasising the importance to tailor strategies for this audience.

Senior online behaviour (U.K.)

Searching for a new career

In this report we look at the role search has around career related searches in Germany.  Job portals are the preferred channel for execs to promote available roles over own company sites, social media, employee referrals and print. Career related searches and clicks were up year on year in Germany, however COVID-19 impacted this trend dramatically in March and April.  Online career conversations tend to take a long path (16 days), with consumers moving from one portal to another.


Advertising tips
Use remarketing to help attract returning job searches on their long conversion paths (average 16 days).  Combine multiple targeting options, especially company, industry, and job function through LinkedIn targeting, to help deliver tailored ads responding the generic search terms that lookers use.

Internet Job Portals (DE)

Home, sweet home

As many consumers remain at home and helped with public holidays across EMEA we continue to see a steady growth in the Home & Garden vertical since lockdown.  
There continues to be local nuances:
  • In France and the UK, the category ‘Garden & Patio’ grew substantially
  • In Italy, growth was mainly driven by “appliances”
  • In Spain, “kitchen” related search terms drove the growth

Advertising tips
Update budgets and use competitive bid strategies for ‘Garden & Patio’.  With the increase in searches for ‘Garden & Patio’ products experienced during the long Easter weekend we expect to see a similar trend other may bank holiday weekends.

Use broad campaign tactics like DSA to catch new query variations.  Several categories are seeing increased year-on-year growth with searcher focus shifting towards garden and furnishing searches. A significant portion of daily queries are new to our network, this may also be accelerated with the accelerated year-on-year growth.

Home & Garden insights (U.K.)
Home & Garden insights (FR, IT, ES, DE)

With all these great insights we offer tools and tips to help you optimise your campaigns as we continue to move through this ‘new abnormal’ together.
Remember all our COVID 19 related insights since lockdown are available, across all verticals and regions on the COVID-19 Hub.