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No luck needed: Setting up a successful campaign

St. Patrick’s Day, to many, is a holiday associated with corned beef and cabbage, parades and wearing green for good luck. Although we proudly celebrate the culture surrounding St. Patrick’s Day at Microsoft Advertising, we work year-round to remove the need for good luck from our products and business solutions.

If you've ever wondered how to set up a successful Microsoft Advertising campaign or are wondering how to create a new campaign that accomplishes your business objectives with minimal resources, look no further. Use the following products to get started reliably and with ease:

Google Import saves time by importing campaigns directly from Google Ads

Time is precious and sometimes a scarce resource, so get your ads online faster by using Google Import. Amplify the effects of your existing Google Ads paid search campaigns by reaching the Microsoft Search Network audience, which is largely unique. Importing your campaigns, ad groups and keywords will free up time spent managing your ads to give you more time to focus on serving your customers.

Expand your reach beyond search with Microsoft Audience Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network

Customers do not use only search engines to discover products and services, so it’s important to reach them at different touchpoints during their decision journeys. With Microsoft Audience Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, you can reach hundreds of millions of people through high-quality native placements on brand-safe properties. Expand your reach beyond search and boost your campaign performance by simply adding images to your search campaign so you can serve ads on the Microsoft Audience Network.   

Increase your search term coverage using customised ad experiences with Dynamic Search Ads

It can be difficult and time-consuming to create tailored advertising and keyword strategies for each customer interaction. With Dynamic Search Ads, you can automatically target relevant searches based on your website’s content to increase keyword coverage and click and impression volumes. By identifying new queries used by potential customers, you can spend more time learning about your business and customer needs and less time worrying about keyword coverage.

Create and test ads easily with responsive search ads

How you message customers is crucial in driving performance and business results, but developing copy can be a daunting and laborious process. With responsive search ads, you can reduce bulky operations and save time by generating more than 32,000 ad combinations automatically, and serve the right message at the right time by adapting text ads to match closely what someone is searching for, when they’re searching for it. Save time on A/B testing and let Microsoft Advertising identify your top-performing ad combinations.
Building high-performing Microsoft Advertising campaigns is easy and requires no luck. With our intelligent products, you can create engaging, personalised advertising experiences that drive business success and save you time to do more (like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day).
Regardless of how or if you celebrate, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!