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Trusted Partnership interview series #1: in brands we trust

Our trusted partnership interview series deep dives on different topics that our allies, partners and clients are dealing with. Watch the video as we talk about how to build trust with consumers in a post-COVID world.

Our third paper we have co-authored with iProspect focuses on the trust consumers have for brands, what resonates with them on the value exchange, and how do they understand how their privacy is respected.
 In brands we trust culminates the data from 16 markets and 25,000 people to help us better understand the relationship consumers have with brands and what they value and what does privacy and trust really mean for them.
When we started the research we had no idea we would be discussing this through the lens of a COVID and post-COVID world, but there is certainly never a better time for brands to better understand what drives a person to connect and stay connected.
This also leads onto what is important for brands to consider. Indeed they are thinking about creating or building their own first party data because they see a shift away from third party cookies coming soon.

Fundamentally the pull back from cookies is not a tech position, it’s really being led by people. We, as marketers, used cookies to get to know our audience as we felt they needed a more personalised experience. Actually only 24% value personalisation and 79% want the same website experience.
So you could say, we gathered this extensive research full of interesting data, to prove you don’t need data.
As brands start to think what is the value exchange, the consideration is unless the brand is going to give something away for free such as delivery or discounts, the populous is just not interested in sharing their data and if forced to do so, 88% will give false information, invalidating what the brand is trying to understand anyway.
Already, 91% of people have a concern about the amount of personal data a brand has on them and 87% believe privacy is a right, not a privilege. This leads us to know that people are demanding a new way to connect and engage. A great opportunity for brands to talk about what they stand for, the culture they live by and of course, be authentic. This also paves the way for publishers’ data on demographics to be used in conjunction with intent, to better target.

I am a 45 year old man that lives in the south of England but what I buy or need, changes in the moment. It might be toilet roll, as we are still restricted on lockdown, or perhaps some playdoh to keep my three-year-old entertained. I am still a 45 year old man but my intent changes.
Luckily we have the ability to understand intent from the largest signal of intent on the planet, search.