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Connect with customers at any stage of the purchase funnel with the Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft Advertising Masters webinar

The breadth of knowledge accumulated in the Microsoft Graph allows the platform to make intelligent connections between advertisers and consumers. The Microsoft Audience Network has allowed brands like GoCompare in the UK to lower their cost per acquisition by 30%, taking advantage of the audiences on MSN, Outlook and Edge.

And because Audience Ads are a part of the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem, it’s easy to layer smarter targeting options on top of basic campaigns to target your ideal customer. These include user profile targeting like location and device; demographic targeting like age and gender; and user intent like remarketing and in-market audiences.

The Customer Journey

There are many variations of a customer journey but typically they follow five stages of purchase intent:
1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Conversion
4. Maintain
5. Expand
The beauty of the Microsoft Audience Network is that it can be used to complement your marketing strategy at any of these stages. To give you an idea of some of the possible scenarios, we have outlined a brief example using different verticals to highlight the possibilities of this product.
Awareness: An FMCG brand is launching a new toothpaste and wants to build brand awareness by promoting the product on the Microsoft Audience Network to drive search activity further down the funnel.
Consideration: A travel advertiser wants to differentiate in the competitive weekend breaks market. By overlaying in-market audiences and LinkedIn targeting they can use personalised messaging to stand out from the competition.
Conversion: A telco brand wants to drive more conversions of its SIM-only phone deals. Using remarketing to target people who have landed on specific web pages allows them to narrow in on those people most likely to convert.
Maintain: An insurance brand wants to maintain their relationship with existing home insurance customers but cross sell for a new life insurance policy. Excluding prospects and targeting their long-term customers allows them to create more personal messaging.
Expand: An automotive advertiser wants to find more people like their best customers to test drive its latest model. Using Similar Audiences, they can expand the reach of their marketing to find lookalikes with similar profiles who are likely to be interested.
Find out more by watching this 10 minute clip from the webinar:

Watch the Microsoft Advertising Masters: Microsoft Audience Network webinar in full.