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Announcing the 2019 Regional Bing Partner Award Finalists

Regional Bing Partner Awards, Congratulations to our finalists, February 20th, Amsterdam.
For the first time ever, we’ll turn the searchlight on our most successful and dedicated partner agencies and their employees across Europe and Asia Pacific at the 2019 Regional Bing Partner Awards. It’s their focus to ensure their clients are showing up in all the right places, in all the most impactful ways. On 20 February it is time to give back and honour the passionate work of advertising agencies, technology partners and search professionals.

We’ll celebrate the success of all our finalists at the exclusive award ceremony to be held at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The 2019 Regional Bing Partner Awards recognises achievements in 12 categories highlighting the outstanding work of individuals, teams and agencies across the search advertising industry. Our jury of international experts had the extraordinarily difficult task of choosing the finalists out of a record number of submissions. We’re particularly proud to have received this huge number of entries from 10 different markets and to also shine a light on impressive diversity initiatives across the sector with our Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award.

Categories and finalists appear below and the list of award categories with detailed descriptions is available on the Bing Partner Awards Website.

Trailblazer of the Year  

Awarded to an individual who finds innovative and engaging ways to evangelise Bing Ads, and who drives Bing Ads brand awareness and affinity both internally, and industry-wide.
  • Dept, Robert Verbeek – Netherlands
  • iProspect, Capucine Even – France
  • iProspect, Petter Zachrisson - Sweden
  • SearchStar, Bethan Hughes – United Kingdom
  • Zenith, Paulina Przewdziekowska – United Kingdom

Influencer of the Year  

Awarded to an agency employee (with national influence) who excels in championing Search practice in the industry and media and shows a true commitment to partnering with and investing in Bing Ads.
  • Brainlabs, Daniel Gilbert – United Kingdom
  • Epiphany Solutions, Arianne Donoghue – United Kingdom
  • Forward3D, Wajid Ali – United Kingdom
  • GroupM EMEA, Olmo Delorenzi – United Kingdom
  • Traffic4u, Bert van Dijk - Netherlands

Executive of the Year  

Awarded to an agency leader who has shown true partnership with Bing. This person has excelled in performance over the past year, pioneering ideas resulting in their business’ success.
  • GroupM, Olmo Delorenzi - Europe
  • iProspect, Luis Esteban - Spain
  • Making Science, José Antonio Martínez Aguilar - Spain
  • Performics, Nicolas Schmitz - France
  • Reprise, James Fairweather – United Kingdom

Team of the Year  

Awarded to an outstanding team (Account Team, Sales or Service Team) that partners, engages, and uses feedback to optimise. They test and adopt new features, and submit case studies, all while staying transparent in the spirit of partnership.
  • iProspect - Denmark
  • Keyade - France
  • Labelium - France
  • Performics – United Kingdom
  • Re-Mind PHD - France

Optimiser Award

Awarded to the partner best leveraging Bing Ads tools and insights for smart, innovative optimisation solutions.
  • Ecselis - France
  • Greenhouse Group - Netherlands
  • Greenlight – United Kingdom
  • Quisma - Germany
  • Stellar Search – United Kingdom

Innovator Award

Awarded to the partner demonstrating the most innovative strategies and thinking to move their business success forward with Microsoft Advertising products.
  • Greenhouse Group - Netherlands
  • iProspect – United Kingdom
  • Merkle – United Kingdom
  • Smarter Ecommerce GmbH - Austria
  • Zenith - France

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a rising agency partner, that has shown an exceptional acceleration and growth on the Bing Network. Judges have been looking for a shooting star with inspiring thinking and business solutions, as well as the focus to deliver top results.
  • ad agents - Germany
  • iProspect - Sweden
  • Labelium - Italy
  • Reprise – United Kingdom
  • Webrepublic - Switzerland

Independent Agency Award

Awarded to an independent agency that engages with Bing Ads in partnership, grows its Bing Ads spend and product adoption, and exhibits ingenuity and creativity around product application and optimisation. 
  • Adwise - Netherlands
  • Blue Summit - Germany
  • Croud – United Kingdom
  • iCrossing – United Kingdom
  • Mabo Media Limited – United Kingdom

Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award

Awarded to the partner demonstrating the strongest commitment to D&I, both in the day-to-day, as well as through specific activities and initiatives. 
  • Greenlight – United Kingdom
  • iCrossing – United Kingdom
  • MediaCom – United Kingdom
  • Merkle – United Kingdom
  • Wavemaker – United Kingdom

EMEA Technology Partner of the Year

Awarded to a Technology Partner who engages with agencies and Bing Ads in true partnership.
  • Adobe – United Kingdom
  • bGenius – Netherlands
  • IntelliAd - Germany
  • Kenshoo – United Kingdom

Growth Partner Award

Awarded to the Agency with the largest growth of its Bing Ads spend and product adoption in 2018.
  • MEC/Keyade - France
  • Mediaworksuk – United Kingdom
  • Mindshare – United Kingdom
  • Performics - Italy
  • Vizeum - France

EMEA Agency of the Year

This category winner will be announced at the Regional Partner Awards.
Congratulations to all our finalists! We look forward to announcing the winners at the Regional Bing Partner Awards, which will be held in Amsterdam 20 February 2019.