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Holiday Preparation Overview: New Year's Insights for Digital Marketers

With December winding to a close and January just around the corner, we're back again at that time of year when we reflect the previous 12 months and imagine the possibilities for the next. It's a fairly universal truth that a lot of people want to do something to assure that this year will be better than the last. In fact, 45% of Americans do. For digital consumers, 35% plan to spend $25 per month or more on their New Year’s resolutions. 

Having said that, it is especially important for marketers to capitalize early and continue to be visible throughout this period of time when people are thinking about their resolutions for the new year. Maintaining focus during this time is critical because research has shown that around 75% of resolution makers maintain their goals through the first week. After that, the numbers drop off to about 64% past the first month. Even so, this still presents a huge opportunity to PPC marketers to help people maybe get it right this time (whatever “It” is). 

It is estimated that $5.6 billion dollars will be spent on resolutions this year, and the top goals that people searched for in 2014 were:

Top New Years Resolutions


The majority of searches on the Yahoo/Bing Network were for:

1) Fitness

2) Smoking Cessation

3) Weight Loss

Our New Year’s Insights video below will show you the unique timing characteristics of each category and how you can capitalize on them:


For other resolutions on the list, it's important to remember to spread your budget across the time frame when people are still thinking about resolutions. If, for example, you offer a product or service that allows for people to “Learn something new and exciting," make sure that online searchers can find it throughout the New Year’s season... skydiving anyone?

That brings us to some of our tips for digital marketers, especially our first one:

Remember that New Year’s is a season.  It's not just a night or a week or month of effort on the part of potential customers. People are plugging in resolution-related queries starting before Christmas and continue well into February, either to get a head start or to get help to make sure they can stick to their resolutions.

Use words that work: Just as New Year’s resolutions create a huge opportunity, they also create huge competition. We've done some research using heat maps to help identify which ad titles and descriptions match up to create the most clickable ads.


A word on mobile… or four: DON’T forget about it! Any article offering advice on digital marketing and ignoring mobile today is doing a disservice; in this case, it is especially important. From Christmas to mid-January, mobile searches for “Fitness,” and “Weight loss” spike dramatically, presenting a fantastic opportunity for mobile PPC marketers. What's more, 50% of sporting goods and game purchases, and 35% of health and personal care items were influenced by mobile, either before or during a purchase in-store. People are researching and doing price checks all the way up until they have their money (or card) out.

Diversify:  Bing Ads has made it especially convenient and intuitive to import your Adwords campaigns into our platform.  Remember, there are 14 million health searchers not reached on Google, that's an opportunity that online marketers can't afford to miss.

After you watch our video, check out our New Year’s Slideshare presentation for an even more comprehensive breakdown of some of the hottest trends in digital marketing for the New Year season:


To access our entire library of industry and seasonal insights, visit the Bing Ads Industry Insights Portal.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Shelby Gagnon,

Vertical Insights Specialist