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Darragh Simm

Sr Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising

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Duration: 8:48

Digital Nomads: How brands adapt to remote work

Businesses big and small are already catering to Digital Nomads. We caught up with one of these companies to learn from them and share with you some key takeaways you need to be aware of.

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Research: Optimise your festive shopping campaigns now

Microsoft Advertising asked online shoppers what their plans are this pandemic festive shopping season. Our research highlighted trends that should be considered when optimising your campaigns. Learn about what we recommend to make this season a success.

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Your one-stop-shop for retail insights

The changes to retail resulting from COVID are providing unprecedented opportunities for advertisers and e-commerce brands as consumers continue to move their shopping habits online. To help, we’ve launched a new Microsoft Advertising Retail hub.

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COVID-19 insights & trends (8 July edition)

As consumers remain home, search has grown in increasing importance. It helps brands stay connected with consumers and highlights new and emerging behaviour trends. Read this week's latest insights.

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