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Partner Celebration Global Product Champion Award – Shoper

Team at Shoper.

Recognition is one of the pillars of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Programme. Our Partner Growth award goes to the partner who adopted and championed a new feature for the highest impact and results possible. In our review of nominations received in the April 2023 round of Partner Celebration, our partner Shoper was chosen as the Microsoft Advertising Global Product Champion Award winner.

We had the opportunity to interview the CCO of Shoper, Paweł Rybak as well as Arkadiusz Król, Head of Digital Ads.

Tell us a little about Shoper—history, current size, audience, and business objectives.

At Shoper, we’ve been shaping the Polish e-commerce industry for nearly two decades. It all started in 2005 with two brothers—Rafał and Krzysztof Krawczyk—and software for building online stores sold on CDs.

Today, Shoper is the first-choice e-commerce platform in Poland on subscription software as a service (SaaS), used by tens of thousands of small and medium e-businesses. Their success and development are supported by a team of over 300 experts from various fields of e-commerce.

We provide our customers not only with ready-made software and hundreds of plug-ins, but also a full range of additional services: Starting with payments and logistics through advertising campaigns to business financing. In short, we offer in one place everything needed to start and grow online sales, including multichannel and cross-border.

What is Shoper’s vision, mission, or specialisation?

As a 360° platform, we support our clients at every step of their e-business journey. We want to inspire and encourage those with ideas for new online brands, as well as those who plan to expand their business activities. Our goal is to build barrier-free e-commerce, with user-friendly solutions that are innovative, flexible, and easy to use.

What impact have you been able to drive to your business with Microsoft Advertising?

Introducing Microsoft Advertising was another big step to complement our offer as the all-in-one platform. What is more, it helps us expand our target and reach out to business owners from outside of Shoper. Using new promotional channels enables us to secure competitive advantages for our clients. With Microsoft Advertising services, they can scale their businesses with higher return on investment. Our merchants’ growth is what drives our success.

What are your favourite tools or features within Microsoft Advertising and why?

The best feature of Microsoft Advertising is a vast network that includes Amazon, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and even LinkedIn. This gives our clients easy access to the most popular places on the Internet with just one tool.

What’s your greatest success with Microsoft Advertising so far?

The biggest win is the opportunity to reach brand new customers that use Microsoft’s ecosystem as the default place for product information. Thanks to this, we can draw new buyers for online stores, even for highly specialised products. The best proof of that is an almost 30% revenue increase with Microsoft Advertising that we saw for one of Shoper’s merchants.

How do you see your relationship progressing with Microsoft Advertising and why?

We want to use the Microsoft Advertising services as widely as possible and ensure our merchants with Audience Network potential. At Shoper, we strongly believe that the development of Microsoft products and their integration with AI will be a game-changer in the advertising industry for e-commerce.

Have you had any positive experiences or working relationships with people who work within Microsoft Advertising or Microsoft Advertising Support?

Of course, the support from Microsoft—specifically from Daniel Trost—in implementing the campaign product for Shoper customers was invaluable and significantly expedited an already excellent technological process. We also extend our gratitude to Mo Ode, who works daily with campaign optimisation specialists—without her support, our clients’ results wouldn’t have grown at this pace.

How does your company embody the Global Product Champion Award?

We’re not afraid of innovation. Shoper was one of the first e-commerce platforms in Poland to introduce the Microsoft Advertising service. We encourage our merchants to undertake bold initiatives themselves. We offer them new opportunities beyond those they’re already used to, and we show them how to best utilise new tools. In these endeavours, our clients are fully supported and guided by our digital campaigns team, led by Arkadiusz Król.

What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

The main goal behind the advertising services at Shoper has always been their effectiveness. When making Microsoft Ads creations for our clients, we most often use product campaigns. This form provides the best sales results and, at the same time, allows us to optimise campaign spendings more successfully.

Thank you to Paweł Rybak, Arkadiusz Król, and the team at Shoper for walking us through how they utilise Microsoft Advertising to drive results, and how partnering with Microsoft Advertising has positively impacted their business!

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