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Introducing multi-account Google Imports

If you’re managing multiple accounts in Microsoft Advertising, you know it can be difficult to keep up with the daily demands of managing your campaigns in different accounts. This is especially true if you want to keep them in sync through Google Import. While we’ve made strides to improve multi-account management and Google Import in many ways, we’re especially excited now to provide another key capability to make Microsoft Advertising even more of a powerful platform for you: introducing multi-account Google Imports.

How can I import and schedule Google syncs of multiple accounts?

Getting started is easy. If you have multiple accounts, you’ll see the option to select from a list of Microsoft Advertising accounts to import to.
Product view of choose account dropdown in the Import from Google window.
Choose one or multiple Microsoft Advertising accounts to start the Google Import.
After signing into Google Ads, choose the Microsoft Advertising accounts that you want your Google Ads accounts to be imported to.
Product view of the import to Microsoft Advertising account dropdown in the Import from Google window.
Select the Google Ads accounts you want to import, and select the Microsoft Advertising account you want to import to.
Once you’ve made those selections, you can also decide if you want to import your entire Google Ads account or just specific campaigns (note that specific ad groups can’t be selected).
Product view of the choose Google ads campaigns window.
Select if you want to import existing and new campaigns from all of your Google Ads accounts or just specific campaigns in those accounts.
Then from there, you can proceed with Google Import as you would before! Import with all the default options or customise the import the same way as you would for a single account. You can still view granular import schedule and history for these multiple imports, as well as get a summary of all your multi-account Google Imports in the Accounts Summary page.
Happy importing!

Questions or comments?

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us via Twitter, visit the Microsoft Advertising Feature Suggestion Forum, or send your feedback directly to