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De-averaging and the rise of Inclusive Marketing

The Future is Now, iProspect and MJ DePalma.
iProspect, the performance advertising agency, which is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) has produced an epically insightful whitepaper, Future Focus 2020: The Next Ten Years. It’s built to help marketers navigate the road ahead with evidence-based data and interviews from over 350 global market leaders from a broad spectrum of brands. I was honoured to be one of the market leaders interviewed. In my The Future is Now interview, I spoke about what it means to seize the opportunity to share the future with our inclusive actions of today (page 84-86). The whitepaper not only delivers a global perspective on expectations for 2020 by these leaders but also outlines their ambitions for the next decade. Overall, it predicts: don’t be short-sighted.

Businesses that reconcile strategic long-term planning with short-term performance will be continued market leaders

One of the key strategies to pay very close attention to is the concept of de-averaging. When a business designs for the average person, the result is that the solution doesn’t work well for anyone. This is key to inclusively marketing your business: design for the edge of a customer experience or ability, and usability skyrockets for all. It helps prevent executing with a blind spot and increases product reach. This is a key concept to consider adopting as you plan for the next recovery phrase of the world during the current global pandemic that we are experiencing. De-averaging can help prepare your business for the new normal. Minorities become majorities. Exclusion becomes inclusion. A more connected, digitally borderless world becomes even more critical in this global pandemic fighting planet. For businesses, de-averaging your approach could not have been more predictive to ensure adapting to the current changing landscape. De-averaging when designing your product, service or experience and communicating with everyone in favour of a genuine, personalised way is no longer an option, it’s an economic imperative.

Marketers’ ambition for a successful next decade lie between two types of transformations: digital & cultural

  • 78% of marketers report that having a connected data strategy as the most important component of a successful digital transformation.
  • 69% of marketers believe a clear culture transformation strategy is the most underestimated facet. Noteworthy is that 93% of marketers believe inclusive marketing is important for the business potential it represents, but fewer than 1 in 10 review for inclusion as part of product design and marketing campaigns.
Future Focus 2020, The Next Ten Years can help you chart a path forward for the near future throughout the next decade. In this latest publication, iProspect not only explores what these trends are and what they mean but also looks at how to make the most of these business opportunities by taking the action we can today.

Some of the key content sections from the white paper to help start the journey for an inclusive business strategy include:
  • De-averaging: a look into the rise of diversity, inclusion and the personalisation imperative, pages 25-35.   
  • Multicultural organisation shapes multicultural ampaigns: a view on seizing the multicultural business opportunity and building the organisation to bring it to life, pages 81-83.
  • The Future is Now: what it means to seize the opportunity to shape the future with our inclusive actions of today, pages 84-86.
Future Focus 2020: The Next Ten Years invites marketers to be courageous, smart and optimistic by playing an integral role in designing an inclusive and de-averaged today in order to create our best tomorrow.

Click to download the entire Future Focus 2020 Report on iProspect’s website.