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Xandr Marketplace​

The leading destination for scaled and sophisticated campaigns on premium inventory on all digital screens. As one of the world’s largest marketplaces, with 6.7B impressions being transacted every day, we enable connections between media buyers, media owners, and distributors across a variety of formats and devices. Xandr is the one-stop shop for global access to premium supply and demand.

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Global scale and reach

  • 6.7B daily impressions
  • 193,000+ brands
  • 80+ global DSP integrations
  • 1,500+ direct publishers
  • 175+ global SSP partnerships
  • 45+ global data provider partnerships

Source: Xandr Platform Data.

Xandr Marketplace for media buyers

  • Increased efficiency: Efficient buying at scale of digital advertising.
  • Greater access to supply: Access to unique and premium global and regional supply across formats and channels.
  • Enhanced buying strategies: Ability to leverage proprietary data, apply third-party data, or layer on first-party data.
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Xandr Marketplace for media owners and distributors

  • Greater access to demand: Access to multiple sources of premium, unique, global, and regional demand while ensuring brand safety.
  • Access to identity solutions: Comprehensive suite of identity and advanced data solutions to deliver maximum addressability from a global privacy leader.
  • Services tailored to your needs: A partnership that provides flexibility and reliable services to support your unique business goals.

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