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Tours and Activities Ads are visually engaging feed-based ads that increase awareness and drive bookings. These contextually relevant search experiences trigger when people are looking for activities in a certain location. They display on the Microsoft Bing search results pages, Bing Maps, and the Bing Travel Guide. They showcase images, current prices, tours and activities types, duration, and reviews. This interactive premium ad type is exclusive to Microsoft Advertising.

Product view of a Tours and Activities Ad, as it would appear on the Microsoft Bing search results page.

Product view of a Tours and Activities Ad, as it would appear on the Microsoft Bing search results page.

Reach travelers and activity planners when they are ready to book.

Why use Tours and Activities Ads?


Inspire activity planners

Target millions of vacationers and activity planners when they’re looking for things to do. Strong intent matching is combined with real-time information to inspire dreamers and planners. These richly engaging customized ads encourage bookings and shorten the customer decision journey.

Save time with automation

Create ads faster by using feeds. Our import capabilities save you from tedious repetition. There’s no need to adopt a new schema just for us. Microsoft Advertising accepts feeds and syntaxes that are familiar, so you can reach more people in less time.

Sell more tours

Increase your click-through rate (CTR) and your number of qualified leads and bookings. Tours and Activities Ads shorten the customer decision journey with real-time information that inspires action. More bookings happen on the desktop and Microsoft Advertising delivers millions of desktop users not found on Google.

To learn more, check out the Microsoft Advertising Tours and Activites Help page and read The rise of the conscious traveler.

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