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Dynamic ad extensions help make your campaign more effective and attract more relevant customers to your business. These optional enhancements to your text ads are simple to include and don’t cost extra to use. With ad extensions, customers can easily call or find your store, navigate to specific pages on your site, download an app and more.
Make your ads more effective and attract relevant customers.

Why use ad extensions?

  • Help customers find your business information quickly.
  • Boost online and foot traffic to your website and store.
  • Drive more leads, conversions and sales.
  • Achieve goals unique to your business.

Choose from these ad extensions and benefits

Sitelink Extensions: Direct customers to precise pages on your website by adding these additional links to your ads.

Call Extensions: Display a phone number directly in your ad and give customers a convenient way to call your business directly from search results.

Location Extensions: Put address and phone number info in your ads so local searchers can easily find your business.

Marketing with Purpose Attributes: Build trust and loyalty with text additions in search ads to highlight your inclusive business attributes and values.

App Extensions: Add call-to-action links in your ads to promote downloads of your iOS, Android and Windows apps.

Review Extensions: Tell your customers about your great ratings by displaying a positive review from an independent, respected third-party source.

Image Extensions: Grab customers’ attention and help increase clicks with ad extensions that allow you to place photographs directly in your ads.

Callout Extensions: Highlight key features of your business with these short, additional text phrases in your ads.

Structured Snippet Extensions: Entice potential customers to click your ad by spotlighting your popular products and services.

Action Extensions: Highlight a clear call-to-action. Entice customers and drive them to your website.

Price Extensions: Enhance mobile strategy with more visual share. Increase conversions by improved relevance.

Promotion Extensions: Highlight deals for holidays and other special occasions in your Microsoft Advertising text ads.

Start using ad extensions

Check out What are ad extensions to learn more about these powerful enhancements for dynamic ads. When you’re ready, begin using ad extensions in Microsoft Advertising to make your ads more effective.

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