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Performics helps auto insurance advertiser drive better results

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Full-funnel strategy focused on clicks and conversions

Engaging customers across their shopping journey

Performics aimed to create an advantage for their client in a fiercely competitive field by implementing a plan to reach customers early in the decision journey, and then use subsequent data signals to drive efficiency and purchase intent further down the funnel.

Leveraging a variety of solutions to reach their goals

To create a model that would keep customers engaged across multiple touchpoints in ther shopping journey, Performics knew that they could leverage the wide range of marketing tools from Microsoft Advertising. With the Microsoft Audience Network, they knew they could drive highly personalized engagements with ideal audiences. Video Ads gave them access to the possibility of captivating their audience to drive both clicks and visits to the advertiser’s website, while retargeting their ads to reconnect with users who had visited their website before by using Remarketing Ads.

Impact of Permics’s strategy, 1.43x visitation rate more impressions and 1.5x conversion rate for audiences exposed to audience and search ads, compared to search only.

A full-funnel audience strategy to engage with consumers

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Performics helped their client achieve strong results by implementing a full-funnel strategy. First, they reached potential customers early in their decision journey with visually engaging native placements and Video Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network. As early adopters of the new video ad format, Performics used a “test-and-learn” approach and found Video Ads enhanced their mid- to upper-funnel results.

Most impressively, they found them to deliver even stronger incremental lift in both consideration and conversion vs. image-based ads alone. They targeted specific In-Market Audiences to see native video ads while leveraging remarketing lists and tailored messaging to drive conversions more effectively at the bottom of the funnel.

Our goal behind Microsoft Audience Network advertising is to generate brand demand for our client by increasing search and conversion lift. This ad effectiveness study was extremely effective in illustrating performance lift and served as a key win for our program. We look to build on our success as we continue our strong partnership with Microsoft.

— John Danison, Sr. Media Manager at Performics

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