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Mr. Splash Plumbing builds pipeline to growth using paid search

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Trusted relationships with AiiMS, Microsoft Advertising are key

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Mr. Splash Plumbing builds a pipeline to growth

AiiMS is a digital marketing agency headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. Founded with a vision to help Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) compete in the same marketing spaces larger organizations commonly thrive, AiiMS launched in 2010 and has now grown to 50 employees serving clients in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Their vision for the future is consistent with what has fundamentally worked so well for them to date — serving the SMB market thru innovation, unique technology, content collaboration and building trust.

Client support has been in much greater demand during this time, and advertisers are relying on AiiMS to help them make critical digital marketing decisions and provide direction. Their digital suite includes web design, video, photography, content production, phone services, lead tracking, bot frameworks, and paid search marketing. With a large portfolio of clients, having a cohesive communication platform has been critical for AiiMS — particularly during COVID-19. AiiMS estimates having sent 450,000 chat communications during the first half of 2020 alone, to ensure their clients stay up to date on their campaign planning activities. Teams in both Australia and Jakarta working opposite hours means AiiMS can provide support 24/7. With search marketing at the core of the agency’s strategies, constant, up-to-date, and transparent performance updates and adjustments are critical. They heavily utilize sophisticated bot programming to assist with these tasks. They find this especially helps provide quick answers to those working from home on flexible hours, as well as those around the world and on-the-move. Overall, the benefit their offerings provide to SMBs is marketing service, support, and production at a reasonable rate.

Microsoft Advertising has been essential to the growth of the Mr. Splash Plumbing business.

— Janty Mohammed, Managing Director and Founder, AiiMS

AiiMS and Microsoft Advertising deliver big splash

Among the small businesses within the AiiMS portfolio that have grown to be a noteworthy success is Mr. Splash Plumbing. A full-service plumbing company that leans on its experience and ability to build trust, Mr. Splash Plumbing has grown from a husband and wife operation that struggled to navigate digital marketing, to a 12-person, multi-vehicle service operation covering the Sydney and Melbourne areas. One of the proprietors of the business is a former car salesperson — someone who certainly had observed the value of clear client communication and building trust. After putting himself through school, he made a career shift and never looked back. Early marketing efforts, however, were not without leaks and included chasing average position on the paid search results page at the expense of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goals. But education and experience has led to better cost management, lead tracking, and a greater focus on ROI.

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Trusted partnerships deliver value

Microsoft Advertising has played an integral and efficient role for Mr. Splash Plumbing’s marketing strategy with keywords and sitelink extensions providing value. “Microsoft Advertising has been essential to the growth of the Mr. Splash Plumbing business,” says Janty Mohammed, AiiMS Managing Director and Founder. Mr. Splash Plumbing started working with AiiMS in 2017, and the two have been able to finely tune the company’s campaign goals over time. Occasionally, AiiMS will conduct some “Google-neutral” A/B tests, which involve running Microsoft Advertising paid and organic traffic only for a month at a time. Through testing, they began discovering that the purchase intent is greater among the Microsoft Advertising audience. Furthermore, it was evident the average order size from Microsoft Advertising conversions was much higher, with the average order at $2,500, compared to an average order from Google at just 10% of that figure. If you also consider that Microsoft Advertising accounted for 23% of the Mr. Splash Plumbing phone call leads in July 2020 with a smaller audience, versus 31% from Google, Microsoft Advertising is far and away the more valuable channel. Going beyond the $28 vs. $52 CPA from July 2020 and incorporating the previously mentioned average order size, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) comparison is a stark 90:1 with Microsoft Advertising, versus just 4:1 on Google. “Working with the Microsoft Advertising and AiiMS teams has helped our business experience tremendous growth. Leveraging paid search to reach people when they are researching plumbing solutions has given our business the marketing support we needed to build a successful small business,” says Jon Tsingolis, owner of Mr. Splash plumbing services. Efficient performance goes a long way and is helping drive the localized franchise growth strategy Mr. Splash Plumbing is planning with help from AiiMS.

Mr. Splash Plumbing founders and family

Mr. Splash Plumbing founders and family

“The ethos behind AiiMS valuing paid search marketing has a great deal to do with discovery, and putting clients in the best position to win — especially when user intent is high,” says Mohammed. AiiMS and Microsoft Advertising have had an opportunity to play a part in seeing a small business experience 775% monthly revenue growth, comparing to just a couple short years ago. “All new AiiMS clients are activated on the Microsoft Advertising Network because we are an agency that values the power of search, and we have witnessed time and again the value of the Microsoft Advertising Network in action,” ads Mohammed. Retail is not the only segment seeing commercial success during these trying COVID-19 times. Home services like Mr. Splash Plumbing, are succeeding as well. For this small business, support, a sound strategy, trusted relationships, and delivering on the promise of performance have cleared the path toward growth.

Leveraging paid search to reach people when they are researching plumbing solutions has given our business the marketing support we needed to build a successful small business.

— Jon Tsingolis, Owner, Mr. Splash plumbing services

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