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Infoserve scales performance with Microsoft Search Partners

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Agency improves reach and efficiency with search partner traffic

Bringing digital marketing to hundreds of SMBs

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Infoserve is a digital marketing agency helping businesses across the UK manage their online presence. The company has been building websites and developing local listings for SEO for the last 20 years but more recently has focused on paid search to aid its clients.

A small but dedicated team of PPC managers take on thousands of search campaigns across hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. With such a small team, and so many clients, scalability is critical to the Infoserve business.

We rely on technology to automate what we can. These days there’s no human brain that can beat an algorithm!

— Dan Lezcano, Head of Paid Search, Infoserve

Strength at scale

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Infoserve’s business model is built on the efficiencies that can be created through automation to scale solutions. “We rely on technology to automate what we can. These days there’s no human brain that can beat an algorithm!” said Dan Lezcano, Infoserve’s Head of Paid Search.

This reliance of technology to scale means that Infoserve take a holistic view to product strategy, prioritizing those that have the greatest benefit for the entire client base. The agency collaborates with bid management platform MatchCraft to automate at scale. As Dan explained: “MatchCraft’s cutting-edge campaign management technology have played a pivotal role for us in delivering PPC campaigns that achieve high conversion rates. MatchCraft's effective bid and budget management systems, and precise diagnostic and conversion tracking tools, are essential elements in the toolkit of our expert campaign managers."

The partnership between Infoserve and MatchCraft allows for high scalability of campaign management that lowers the barrier to entry to the paid search market. This makes Microsoft Advertising accessible to small businesses that would not be able to achieve these efficiencies on their own.

One such client is Airconforall, a specialist company that serves both commercial and domestic clients to instal air conditioning units in the south of England. A small business with modest budgets, Airconforall relies on the scalability and prowess of Infoserve to bring in new leads via form fills and telephone calls. Over the last year Infoserve has improved the return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) for Airconforall by 22% thanks to driving efficiencies through their keyword selection and bidding strategy.

However, a more recent implementation across the whole of Infoserve’s portfolio brought even greater returns.

Search partners bring performance at scale

In February 2020, Infoserve was looking for new ways to expand the volume its clients receive from Microsoft Advertising whilst keeping costs down. With the benefit of affording more granular control than with the Google Display Network, Microsoft Advertising Search Partners offered a perfect blend of scale and control.

“Now we can go in at a campaign level and remove poor performing sites, it is a great help to improve the efficiency of the network as a whole, whilst at the same time bringing in low-cost quality traffic which increases our reach and conversions,” expounded Dan.

Between February and June 2020, Search Partners reduced the average cost-per-click (CPC) across all Infoserve clients by 20%, and average conversions tripled year-over-year. “The Infoserve-Microsoft-MatchCraft partnership has proven to be very effective in, enabling us to deliver conversion rates above the industry average. The collaboration has been fantastic, something that our clients have benefited greatly from,” concluded Lezcano.

It’s results like this that make such a big difference to companies like Airconforall. As General Manager Keith Gordon mentioned: “We have partnered with Infoserve for over two years. The benefits of having our PPC advertising run by a Microsoft Advertising elite partner are many; for us it means great results. Our revenue has increased year-on-year since Infoserve started managing our paid search. Their expertise and dedication, and the use of key technology provided by Microsoft Advertising, have made a big difference.”

The benefits of having our PPC advertising run by a Microsoft Advertising elite partner are many; for us it means great results.

— Keith Gordon, General Manager, Airconforall

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