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Digital Third Coast gives client healthy returns during peak seasonal moment

November 2023

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Two team members at Digital Third Coast

The goal​

​​The Open Enrollment period is the most competitive time for health insurance companies. Digital Third Coast, the award-winning agency, was up to the challenge to help their client during this peak time.

Their strategy: engage customers across the buying funnel to build a pipeline of high-quality leads. Spoiler alert, they succeeded.​

​​The solution​

​​The first step of Digital Third Coast’s strategy was simple. They launched prospecting campaigns with search and native audience ads to fill the funnel in preparation for Open Enrollment. All the while, they attracted the right customers Similar and In-Market Audiences.

​Next was the real genius of the plan—how they converted previous website visitors to buyers using Remarketing and expanding this practice to new audiences using Customer Match targeting. This top-to-bottom funnel strategy was a success and helped their client achieve a healthy boost in website traffic and conversion rates.​

The Microsoft Advertising team is simply delightful, and their powerful network helped us grow our lead volume during the most important time of the year for us.

— Nathan Pabich, Director of Paid Media at Digital Third Coast

​​The results​

​​By the end of the Open Enrollment period, the strategy Digital Third Coast put in motion—powered by Microsoft Advertising’s Audience Network and Search Network—achieved a 1.6x* lift in site visitation rate and 1.7x* lift in conversion rate.

​*Compared to users only exposed to search ads​

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