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Club Med diversifies their digital strategy with the Microsoft Audience Network

November 2023

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Happy mother and child wearing hats at the beach.

​​The goal​

From an all-inclusive resort nestled into the Swiss alps to a private snorkeling tour of the great barrier reef, Club Med clients experience the luxury and beauty the world has to offer.

The goal of Senior Media Trader, Gaelle Goedtgheluck, was to create specific ads for specific audiences to reach key performance indicators (KPI): cost per engagement and cost per booking entry. That’s why Club Med started using Microsoft Advertising’s Audience Network.

​​The solution​

​​The Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) empowered the team to develop a campaign that engaged travelers with online behaviors showing an intent to book a Club Med experience.

​With a strong understanding of the Club Med audience, the team drove sophisticated MSAN campaigns, leveraging in-market audiences and the power of Microsoft AI with RON (Run of Network) campaigns coupled with ad copy tailored to the desires and needs of Club Med clients.​

We were concerned that contextual ads would be too broad for us—but the layer of artificial intelligence (AI) that the Microsoft Audience Network provides on top of that made the difference. It shows relevant ads to relevant people, depending on how they behave online.

— Gaelle Goedtgheluck, Senior Media Trader at Club Med’s Agency Medialab45

​​The results​

​​The AI layer of the Microsoft Audience Network helped Club Med expand their reach and engaged travelers showing an intent to book or affinity with their brand, with a CPBE (Cost per Booking Entry) two times lower on RON than in-market audience targeting.​

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