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Key summer sales insights for Apparel and Beauty

May 2022

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  • Retail
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Two women look at items on a counter while one of them holds a tablet displaying an apparel catalog.

June through August is the key time frame for summer sale activity, and with consumers gearing up for back-to-school season, make sure your retail campaigns are reaching the right in-market customers looking for sales items this summer.

Microsoft Advertising Insights found that searches and clicks dip slightly in June prior to picking up again in July and August. For Beauty, we recommend an “always-on” approach as more volatility is expected, with searches and clicks seeing multiple peaks throughout the year. When building your keyword strategy, we recommend using top trending products such as shorts, tank tops, sandals, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Be sure to include Merchant Promotions in your upcoming campaigns to promote products directly from your Shopping Campaigns inventory with special offer tags.

Download the full insights for additional recommendations to reach Apparel and Beauty sales shoppers.

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