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Boxing Day: in-store buying & apparel trends

November 2021

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In-store shopping is on the rise just in time for Boxing Day. Third party research indicates that consumers are more comfortable with shopping in-store after a decline in 2020, and 47% of Canadians will be shopping local due to concerns about shipping delays. Search behaviour mirrors this research; Microsoft Advertising Insights found that in-store related searches are up 70% year-over-year. When looking at queries containing “boxing day” in particular, trends are consistent year-over-year, with high volume after mid-December.

We also found that several apparel subcategories are on an upward trend this holiday season. Accessories including bags, belts, and headwear are greatly surpassing 2019 search volume levels. Custom clothing/costumes is also seeing exponential growth, as is athletic shoes. Add Merchant Promotions to make the most of your seasonal deals this holiday season.

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