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Optimize your mobile campaigns with bid modifiers

For every year I’ve been in PPC, each has been called the “Year of Mobile”. This year, I can say with confidence that it’s actually true. We’re seeing explosive growth across smartphones and tablets, and if you’re still not optimizing for these users, then you’re in severe danger of missing out.

That being said, optimizing for mobile traffic can be a difficult task, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the reporting interface. With that in mind, I’m here to show you a few ways you can analyze your mobile advertising efforts, starting with the campaign-level bid modifier.

As of right now, the number one place for all of your mobile needs is the Bing Ads Reports center, located in the top row of the Bing Ads UI. 

bing ads bid modifier

If you haven’t already taken a look in there, it’s basically a one-stop shop for every single reporting metric you need to analyze a Bing Ads Account. For mobile, it means you can select device types and operating system segments for just about every single report in there.

If you want to use this post as a walk-through on how to analyze your performance, I’d recommend downloading a Campaign report for the last 30 days, looking at a summary view of your data.

Pull your campaign report

bing ads bid modifier

For your columns, I recommend choosing Device Type under the Attributes tab, and some of your Impression share metrics in the Performance statistics tab. In particular, you’ll want to focus on Impression share lost due to bid (%) and Impression share lost due to rank (%). I tend to choose these myself because the mobile bid modifier can help you rectify any problems with these two columns.

bing ads bid modifier

bing ads bid modifier

If you have conversion tracking enabled, I highly recommend you also include your conversion metrics; the Device Type Attributes column will help give you some insight in to your mobile return on investment (ROI). With all of these options selected, download your report in to Excel.

Filter and review your data

Once you have your report open in Excel, filter your reports for Device Type: Smartphone, Tablet. 

bing ads modifier

With this filter in place, we’re now focused on *only* our Smartphone and Tablet performance, now segmented by campaign.  

bing ads bid modifier

We can use a few more Excel filters to drill down in to our top bid modifier opportunities by looking for the following red flags:

  • Average Position greater than 1.5
  • Lost impression share due to bid (%) greater than 0
  • Lost impression share due to rank (%) greater than 0

bing ads modifier

In addition, if you also included your conversion metrics, I recommend filtering for mobile bid opportunities by looking at your cost per conversion on each device. If you have some low-CPA campaigns, it’s a quick-win opportunity to be even more aggressive with your bid modifiers than you might be otherwise.

Analyze and optimize

So, why these filters? Well, it’s a well-established fact that mobile click-through rate falls off much faster than it does on desktops. If you have mobile campaigns that are not close to position 1, you’re facing severely reduced click-through rates.

With these filters in place, we have some clear suggestions for positive Campaign-level device bid modifiers -- both on tablets and on smartphones.

bing ads bid modifier

If we take our analysis one step further and utilize CPA as another guide, there are three campaigns from the report pictured above in which we *absolutely* need to increase our bids: 

bing ads bid modifier

With this data in hand, we can cross-reference these campaigns with their tablet and smartphone bid modifiers, either in the Bing Ads interface or in the Bing Ads Editor. You can make edits to your campaigns in either of those spots, or you can make use of the bulksheet functionality to do them quickly. Regardless of how you do it, this kind of analysis is the first step towards making the most of an increasingly mobile search advertising marketplace.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, or register for an upcoming Bing Ads Connect. For additional optimization tips and opportunities, be sure to check out the Marketplace Trends page here on the Bing Ads site.