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The Art and Science of Ad Extensions on Bing Ads webcast Q&A

Today some of the questions you asked during The Art and Science of Ad Extensions on Bing Ads webcast are being answered by our speakers Eugene Goldenshteyn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and special guests Joe Martinez, Senior Manager, Paid Media & Community at Granular, and Lee Goldberg, Co-Founder and Partner, Marketing & Strategy, Vector Media Group. This webcast (now available on-demand) explores all things ad extensions, whether you are using these powerful ad enhancements to jumpstart your campaigns, you’re looking to engage with more customers, increase awareness of your products and services, or just drive more sales. You’ll also learn more about recently released ad extensions and which ones we’re currently working on.

Q: For price extensions, are they listed as carousel on desktop and list on mobile?

A: Eugene Goldenshteyn: We are currently testing price extensions as a carousel on desktop and on mobile we have two versions, carousel and list view.

Q: Can you decide which extensions to show to which customers in terms of the platform they are using (i.e. desktop vs. mobile)?

A: Joe Martinez: With sitelink extensions you can select if you want a particular set of extensions to be used for mobile only. For call extensions, you can select a mobile format if you choose, but the number itself won't change.

Q: How can I get review extensions for Spain, France or Germany?

A: Eugene Goldenshteyn: Review extensions are available globally. For more information on Review Extensions, visit our help page .

Q: With a campaign and four ad groups, can you have different extensions for the campaign vs. extensions for an ad group?

A: Joe Martinez: Yes, you can have different ad extensions at the ad group level. I recommend creating an initial set of campaign-level extensions which would fit for all your ad groups. Then you can create ad group-level extensions to get deeper on those four, specific products or services.

Q: Do character limits for site extensions, call out extensions and enhanced site extensions differ by platform (desktop, tablet, mobile)?

A: Eugene Goldenshteyn: No, character limits do not differ by platform.

Q: Which ad extensions would you recommend for marketers driving subscriptions?

A: Joe Martinez: Try and get in the open beta for price extensions. It's an easy way to have all your pricing options in one place. If you offer free trials, you can add $0.00 as a price point which really stands out. If price extensions aren't an option, use sitelink extensions to each of the product categories. Then call out value and benefits with callout and sitelink extensions. Last, if you have third party reviews, add review extensions to build credibility in your product.

Q: When will action extensions be available on mobile?

A: Eugene Goldenshteyn: Since we are still in the experiment phase we are focusing on desktop first, so we don't have a timeline on the mobile release yet.

Q: Do you have a recommendation for a college to increase enrollment?

A: Joe Martinez: From an ad extension point-of-view, focus on value. Why should potential students choose your college? How will you help them reach their goals? What does your college offer that possibly no other college can? Let these students know. Then layer on review extensions and social proof in other extensions to give the user confidence in clicking your ad.

Q: What extensions would you recommend for a travel client?

A: Eugene Goldenshteyn: We recommend sitelinks, enhanced sitelinks, callout, structured snippets, image and review.  If you have a phone number and an actual location, you should use call and location extensions.

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