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Share the love - Microsoft Audience Network

Decorative image of a montage of multicolored hearts with the Microsoft Audience Network logo and title of campaign 'Share the love'.
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to pause and think about someone or something you love. Are you looking to buy a loved one a gift? Book a romantic trip away? Or treat yourself with a brand you love or a new experience? Either way, we are here to help advertisers cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. 

Great chemistry with clients 

We have spoken to several clients across different sectors to really understand what they love about the Microsoft Audience Network. From the beginning of February, our clients will take center stage to ‘share the love’ and let the world know why they chose our product. As a typical consumer, we look at reviews, case studies, and seek advice from experts or friends before we try something new – the Microsoft Audience Network is no different. To kick off the month of February on all our social media channels, we are shining a spotlight on our clients to drive brand love ahead of Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned over the next two weeks on Instagram and LinkedIn to see what our customers had to say!

Love at first 'site' 

First-party data has never been more important. With the removal of third-party cookies, and devices and browsers restricting third-party tracking - connecting, nurturing, and drawing your audience to conversion is going to be tested like never before. 

The Microsoft Audience Network is our native advertising offering, which helps drive brand awareness, greater performance, and increased clicks and conversions to your marketing campaign whilst complementing any search campaign. 

Matchmade in heaven

What differentiates the Microsoft Audience Network from competitors is the unique audience intelligence that is used to guide; audience segmentation, engagement prediction, personalized offer selection and ROI management. These all combine to help deliver a better return on investment. We conducted a study measuring the downstream value of ad exposure on the Microsoft Audience Network. In order to understand the impact of a user just seeing the ad, even if they did not click on it, as is usually the case with a high-funnel channel like native. 
  • Those exposed to a Microsoft Audience Ad saw a 147% lift in awareness compared to a control group of eligible but unexposed users.    
  • +306% lift in consideration, as measured by domain visit rate, indicating that exposed users were more likely to actually visit the advertiser’s website than the control group.  
  • +236% lift in user purchase rate for exposed users vs. the control.  

For more information on the downstream performance impact to Microsoft Audience Network, read our blog: Making sense of the multi-channel retail consumer journey.

Through visual and clear messaging, the Microsoft Audience Network moves your audience quickly through to conversion. This quick conversion leads to a substantial lift in search results. Our study shows that users who were exposed to the same advertiser across both types of ads (native ad on the Microsoft Audience Network and a search ad on Bing) had a 194% higher domain visit rate, and a 278% high conversion URL visit rate. With user intent from search and user profile data from our audience intelligence solutions, we can match-make the individuals needs and what you as an advertiser are offering. Love at first sight, some may say! 

Stay connected 

Join us on Instagram and LinkedIn as clients from GoCompare, MandM Direct, Stellar Search, Digitas and more ‘Share the Love’ for the Microsoft Audience Network from 01 February through to Valentines’ Day. Get involved by by liking and commenting - we want to hear what you love too!

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