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Get more coverage with less hassle using Dynamic Search Ads

Are you an advertiser with a well-developed website and an inventory of thousands of products? We understand how cumbersome it can be to optimize your campaigns with an ever-growing number of keywords and complex bid management.

Available now to all advertisers in Canada is a new campaign type which helps reduce the costs of initial setup and day-to-day management, while simultaneously identifying new search terms and sources of revenue for your business.

How do Dynamic Search Ads work?

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) work by leveraging Bing Ads’ organic search crawling and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate ads and match them to the most relevant page on your website. Once the page your potential customer is looking for has been identified, Bing Ads dynamically generates an ad to match their search intent, location intent, or any additional real-time signals that are available and show the ad on Bing.
DSA is designed to:
  1. Complement your existing campaigns with increased click and impression volume.
  2. Increase search term coverage by helping you identify new queries and showing ads for them.
  3. Reduce tedious campaign management tasks by eliminating keywords and repetitive ad copy creation.

How do I set up a DSA campaign?

Let’s look at some of the key aspects of setting up a DSA campaign to see what makes this new campaign type so simple yet so effective in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Choose a Campaign name and a Campaign budget, and specify the top level domain of the Website you’d like to automatically generate ads for:

DSA campaign setup example

Step 2 – Choose from three ad target options, to specify which parts of your website you’d like Bing to target, and set bids for each target.

screenshot of which webpages you want to target on DSA campaigns

If you do not specify your bid, the default ad group bid will be used.

select dynamic ad targets and budget for each screenshot

Step 3 – Enter an Ad text description to be used with dynamically generated ad titles, dynamically selected landing pages, and dynamically generated paths. That’s a lot less work than your typical text ad!

ad text and path during DSA campaign set up screenshot

Note that path(s) will only be dynamically generated if 1) you don’t specify one and 2) Bing is able to identify a relevant path for your ad. Tip: the best Ad text will be broadly applicable to the targets you chose in Step 2.

In addition the Bing Ads UI set-up, advertisers can import their DSA campaigns from Google AdWords, create DSA campaigns using the Bing Ads API, or leverage Bing Ads Editor. Customers can also manage DSA more efficiently now by using labels in Bing Ads Editor and by utilizing page feeds.   
Check out our DSA help page for additional tips and tricks to get the most out of your DSA campaigns on the Bing Network.

DSA is available in the following markets: U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Canada.

Let us know your thoughts on Dynamic Search Ads

For any questions or feedback regarding Dynamic Search Ads, we encourage you to reach out to your Bing Ads account manager, or directly to us at