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Trusted Partnership interview series #3: client trust

In this interview we join Phoebe Holford, PPC Expert at Mabo to chat about Mabo’s unique approach to building trust with their clients, their staff and the wider community. 
Mabo, a digital advertising agency founded in 2013, follows a distinct no-contract business model whereby value and trust are the key factors binding client to agency. This would seem like a risky approach in a time where marketing budgets are being slashed and businesses are restructuring their spend? However, Mabo boasts a 99.6% client retention rate during COVID-19. Their secret? Trust.  
Watch the full interview here 

Through tough times and economic uncertainty, Mabo has worked to articulate their value through the continued return on investment that they bring their clients. They focus on building client relationships through transparency and understanding in every aspect of their relationship. When approaching budgets, Mabo treats their clients' money like their own when making big decisions. This fosters great trust within clients. Trust and communication is at the center of everything they do. In this way they have become an extension of many of their clients teams, a partnership rather than a line item in the marketing budget 
Mabo uses inclusive marketing to ensure clients are informed and that they understand the work Mabo does. Mabo ensures their clients are learning and progressing alongside them every step of the way through interactive workshops and conferences. Using PPC trainings and webinars, Mabo empowers its small and medium sized clients to contribute to their own paid search strategy. By educating and informing them, this has the combined effect of boosting the trust factor. Building trust is the basis for Marketing with Purpose.
If you start an agency client relationship on that foundation of trust, it provides an open space where creativity can breed quite easily.

Phoebe Holford, PPC expert, Mabo

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