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Introducing asset performance ratings for Responsive Search Ads

Since Responsive Search Ads (RSA) became available to all Microsoft Advertising customers earlier this year, your feedback has been clear: RSA is delivering on its dual promise to both save time and increase return-on-investment (ROI). On average, clients using RSAs saw an increase of 13% in clicks, 16% in conversions, 6% in conversion rate, and a decrease of 2% in CPA in June. As part of Microsoft’s continued effort to build on this success and make RSAs work for you, we’re announcing the release of a significant improvement to asset reporting.

Asset performance ratings help you understand which of your headlines and descriptions are working well, and which are not. They provide a new level of insight beyond raw impression counts, to help inform your decision making throughout the lifetime of your RSA. When a new RSA is created, or an asset is added or edited in an existing RSA, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms automatically set out to determine how well assets are performing whenever they’re being shown.

Product view of the asset performance rating interface.
Performance rating popup in the Assets tab.

When an asset’s performance is currently being evaluated, its rating will show as Learning. Once an assets performance rating has been determined, it will show as Low, Good, Best, or Unrated. Unrated assets are assets which either have no performance data or insufficient performance data to determine a rating, or inactive assets. Assets with a Best rating are helping drive strong performance in your ads and we suggest adding more assets like them. Low performing assets have, comparatively, not performed well, and should be edited or removed to make room for better performing assets. Lastly, Good performing assets are the core component of any solidly performing RSA ad and we suggest keeping or adding more assets like them.

We’re continuously looking to expand and improve Responsive Search Ads. Some of our upcoming features include cross-campaign asset reporting, new additions to our ad group recommendations, algo improvements to improve performance even further, and much more! Stay tuned for future updates. And this holiday season, don’t miss out putting Responsive Search Ads to work for you.

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