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Neha Garg

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Advertising


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Ad quality year in review 2017

Search advertising plays a crucial role in the digital economy because almost every consumer decision journey today begins with an online search. It is a win for both advertisers and users as it helps users find information faster by promoting relevant businesses. Despite the positive aspects, like any online marketplace, search advertising is also vulnerable to bad actors. Bad actors create content that violates Bing Ads editorial policies and puts Bing users, good advertisers, and publishers at risk to reel in potential victims. This is nothing new, and we constantly work to mitigate risk associated with new attack vectors targeting different search results.

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Managing ad group level disapprovals in one easy swoop

The Bing Ads team carefully reviews all submitted ads/keywords to ensure that both advertisers and search users have the best experience on our advertising network. Typically an initial review is adequate, unless an exceptional scenario requires a second one. For example: You are a travel agency running dozens of ad groups for different airlines, hotel groups etc. You could easily have thousands of keywords and multiple ads in an ad group. You might include the brand names of airlines or hotels ...

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