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With ad customizers, your ad text can be dynamically updated based on an array of targeting options. All it takes is uploading an ad customizer feed that tells us what information you want to insert into your ads under which circumstances.

Reduce bulky operations and improve ad effectiveness with ad customizers.

Why use Ad customizers?

  • Save time
    Transform a single text ad into hundreds of variations without having to manually update the ad.
  • More relevant ads
    Customise ads based on an array of targeting options within the feed, including, but not restricted to, location, audience lists, device, search queries, time of day and others.
  • Better results
    Improving ad relevance can help increase your ad click-through rates and conversion rates.

Additional details

You can create and manage feeds via Feed Management Tool in the Web UI, Google Import tool, integration with our bulk API, and schedule feed uploads from a URL.

Start using Ad customizers

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, how to get set up and other common questions.

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