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The Download: Cannes Lions 2022

August 2022

The Download

Duration: 19:59

Join us for an energetic and electric Cannes Lions episode of The Download through the creative eyes of our Microsoft Advertising team! Presented by Jennifer Solomon-Baum, Director, Americas Marketing at Microsoft Advertising.

In episode 15, leadership from both organizations discuss our timely Xandr acquisition, and Jennifer interviews industry experts on the future of retail and the future of work. Then, ending at the beach with our Inclusive Marketing Lab, you'll have a front-row seat as we explore various research and initiatives to overcome data bias and educate brands on how to take a meaningful stand against it.

#CannesLions2022 was undoubtedly filled with lots of sunshine, purposeful discussions, and limitless opportunities to make meaningful connections. So, grab your sunglasses, press play, and let's get into our brightest moments.

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