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Utilities campaigns tips and tactics to survive (and thrive) in the Australian winter

September 2019

In Australia, when the temperature goes down, the search volume for electricity, gas and solar related terms heats up. With 75% of the utilities search volume coming from the three most populated states, and the competition being different in each, it is as important as ever to advertise in the right locations, at the right time, and with the right content for the job.

For utilities marketers, the time is now to warm your prospective customer to your business and your brand by helping them decide what they need, and why you’re the best place to get it.

For example, moving to a new house is one of the main reasons that Australians look for utilities online. 1 in 7 customers moves to a new house every year and 40% switch to another supplier, meaning each year there is a battle for those movers who are willing to make a switch. Be the ad they click by using in-market targeting to identify and advertise to searchers who have shown the relevant purchase intent signals.

Get searchers to your site using broad and generic terms like energy, solar or gas. If it’s the first time they’ve been, then 96% of them will leave without converting. This is a perfect opportunity to layer on remarketing and continue that conversation even after they’ve left your site.

And what about solar? Searchers are interested in solar, but less knowledgeable about it (92% don't search for any solar brand names), and not likely to give it serious consideration unless you provide easy-to-digest, educational content about it. Use broad terms to draw searchers in and great content to get them invested.

This is just a sampling of the wealth of tactics and information you can find by downloading our content on winter utilities campaigns in Australia. Make sure you have your campaign strategy bundled up and ready to go before the competition heats up.

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