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It’s time to maximise your international travel opportunity

May 2021

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While the pandemic practically halted travel last year, we’re beginning to see recovery in the industry. Thanks to the Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble, Australians can now visit New Zealand. Qantas and Jetstar will operate up to 122 return flights per week, which will result in more than 52,000 available seats. Microsoft Advertising Insights is here to help ensure you’re capitalising on these changes in order to best market toward consumers looking to travel.

Since the Travel Bubble announcement, Microsoft Advertising has seen a +17% week over week (WoW) uplift in searches and a +14% WoW uplift in clicks. Multiple regions in New Zealand spiked, but the location with the most growth was Queenstown, which saw an 87% lift in search volume.

We’ve created an insightful infographic to help you determine the best way to reach your clients without taking too much of your time. Download the insights to learn more about the travel industry growth trends we’re seeing, as well as tips for best reaching consumers who are in market.

 Download the insights