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Home loan growth in the AU marketplace

April 2021

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A lot has changed in 2021 for the Financial Services industry, and the Australian housing market is a great example. The market has been on an upswing recently and as a result, home loans have also seen an increase into the spring. In fact, the home loan market rose 34% year over year (YoY) and Microsoft Advertising search and click volume have increased accordingly.

Microsoft Advertising Insights examined online search trends in the home loans category to view how it has changed with the overall housing market shifts. Some key takeaways in our findings include:

  • A 29% overall increase in YoY searches and a 5% increase in YoY clicks relating to ‘home loans.’
  • The competitive housing market has resulted in less brand-oriented users and caused an increase in the generic click proportions.
  • Audiences are spending a greater amount of time comparing multiple brands to find the best savings.
  • Native advertising is on the rise. The longer the user journey, the more likely consumers are to be exposed to a native ad by you or your competitors.

Download our insights to learn more about the changes in online behaviour for home loans in Australia and discover how you can best adapt your search strategy with these learnings.

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