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Australian Home and Contents Insurance insights

July 2021

The Australian housing market is seeing a large amount of growth in 2021, which has led to an influx in the Home and Contents Insurance market. The home loan market has grown to be very competitive, and as a result, users have shifted the way they behave online. In fact, Home and Contents Insurance clicks on the Microsoft Network are up 18% YoY. Let Microsoft Advertising Insights help you optimise your performance accordingly across the different sub-categories and demographic groups through our network.

Although clicks are up YoY, so are insurance premiums, prompting Australians to spend more time shopping around and comparing prices across the different policies available. This places a high importance on generic clicks, as researching premiums has led to a 24% YoY increase in generic clicks for Home and Contents Insurance. Download the full insights to learn about the top trending generic keywords, tips on setting your bid strategies, and forecasts on increased competition in the space for the rest of the calendar year.

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