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The rise of healthy lifestyles in Australia

June 2021

The pandemic highlighted the importance of healthy habits over the past year, whether that be in relation to social distancing, exercise, or other lifestyle choices. In fact, 49% of Australians want to be healthier this year, across several categories including: nutrition, mental health, and appearance. As a result, Microsoft Advertising Insights is seeing strong search behaviour for related Health and Wellness categories, with searches and clicks skyrocketing beyond pre-pandemic levels.

Looking at April 2019 as a base, we saw an 86% uplift in searches and a 71% uplift in clicks comparing now to pre-pandemic times. This indicates heightened demand for this category, and Responsive Search Ads can help make sure you’re using the most efficient resources to maximise your earnings. We also examined the top sub-categories for Health and Wellness search behaviour, which highlighted the growth of vision products in particular (+30% YoY growth).

To learn more about the existing trends in both high-level and sub-category Health and Wellness that have resulted from the pandemic, download the insights today.

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