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2021 Easter Travel insights in Australia

March 2021

With Travel in Australia being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, what will Easter travel look like this year? We're seeing early signs of recovery in tourism, and Australians are optimistic about traveling in the next few months. Microsoft Advertising Insights conducted an analysis to provide Travel advertisers with recommendations on how to reach Australians looking to travel over the Easter holiday.

Some trends we observed:

  • The Australian tourism industry is on the road to recovery.
  • Consumers have a strong desire to travel, and interest in outdoor and beach activities have grown significantly.
  • Accommodations and Tourist Attraction & Destinations are the most searched categories.
  • Booking windows have shortened and searches for last minute deals and accommodations have spiked.
  • Advertisers should invest in upper funnel keywords to capture research and consideration queries of users planning travel this Easter.

Download the insights today to learn more about Australia’s tourism industry outlook, travel sentiment and search trends as well as trending destinations.

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