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Australia end-of-year car sales opportunity

November 2021

Car production has declined in major production countries, leading to global supply shortages. Despite this, demand for new cars remains strong due to reduced car loan rates and higher household savings. Searches and clicks are surging for autos, and we expect increased demand in November and December.

Searchers are researching 2021 models as well as economy car brands. Ensure your campaigns have full coverage on your brand, available models and generic body type to target decisive customers. With 1 in 2 people unwilling to wait more than 1 month to purchase a car, searches for “used” and “second hand” car terms are increasing on the Microsoft Search Network. Additionally, hybrid and electric car searches are on the rise, with a 108% year to date increase on car searches with hybrid or electric vehicle terms.

For recommendations on how to best engage with prospective car buyers on Microsoft Advertising Network, download the full insights.

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