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Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards, Asia-Pacific winner, Claire Overell

Awards recap from Trailblazer of the Year winner Claire Overell

We're excited to announce the Asia-Pacific winners of the 2019 Regional Partner Awards. Read a recap from our Trailblazer of the Year award winner, Claire Overell.

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Inclusive Marketing: Why it’s essential for your brand

Learn about Inclusive Marketing and the key elements that uncover a new framework for innovation, business relevancy and brand preference. Gain insight on the difference between diversity & inclusion and Inclusive Marketing, and how they relate.

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The 2019 Regional Partner Award Winners for Asia-Pacific are…

In honour of the powerful partnerships we’ve built across Europe and Asia Pacific, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards.

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Microsoft Advertising: 2019 Partner of the Year Award winners

On April 30 in Seattle, we celebrated our partners with the 2019 Global Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards. We recognized our regional award winners and announced the most anticipated awards of the year: the 2019 Global Partners of the Year.

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Join the Microsoft Advertising Partner Virtual Summit

We're excited to announce the very first virtual Microsoft Advertising Partner Summit — an exclusive benefit for the enrolled members of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, previously known as the Bing Partner Program.

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