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The Download Episode 9: Who is your audience?

Before selling out stadiums, most bands start in front of a few people who eventually grow into a larger audience. As the band gets more easily discovered, the audience gets bigger.

But how does your business get discovered? Get lots of insights about this and more in the latest episode of The Download.

Episode 9 highlights

We’re back from summer hiatus for season two with our easily digestible, educational, and entertaining program for marketers of all types and sizes. Small business owners as well as chief marketing officers have told us how essential our show is to their monthly viewing habits. We welcome you to jump in and watch.

What you’ll learn in Episode 9:

  • Search tips for newbies: Introducing The Bot, a new segment where we look at search engine marketing (SEM) fundamentals. Did you start a new business during the pandemic? Do you need tips for utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) to grow your business? We’ve got them.
  • Holiday insights: It may feel too early to discuss the 2021 holiday season, but the timing is right with so much retail revenue up for grabs. We look at three insights to consider this year in your search campaigns.
  • Finding your audience: The focus of our customer spotlight is Who Gives a Crap, the direct-to-consumer toilet paper brand that found its audience for feel-good products with a bigger purpose.
  • Growing your audience: In our latest product pop-up we highlight ways to help your business scale to new heights. The secret to success may be a combination of time- and resource-saving tools like Google Import, Facebook Import, and Shopify ads.

Watch the new episode and check out more from Season 1 at, and of course you can email us your feedback at Happy watching — and learning.

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