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Enhance your campaigns with new AI-driven recommendations tab

In an increasingly busy world, finding the time to optimise all your Microsoft Advertising campaigns effectively can be a real challenge. Many who advertise with Microsoft have leveraged our opportunities page to automatically find where they can improve bids, keywords, and ads, and increase the overall efficiency of their campaigns. Now, with the new and improved recommendations tab replacing the opportunities page, you can take action with state-of-the-art AI-powered suggestions that are customised, easy to understand, and insightful.   

New filtering capabilities and recommendation types

In the new Recommendations tab (which you can find in the second tab for your account, campaign, or ad group), you can explore all your available suggestions, or filter them by a particular area that you want to optimise: Repairs, Bids & Budgets, Keywords & Targeting, and Ads & Extensions. There are also new recommendation types such as ones that provide insight into ad groups that don’t have ads or keywords, budget suggestions, plus many more that we’ll be adding on to these four categories in the coming months. 

Product view of the Recommendations tab.
Overview of the new Recommendations tab.

More actionable insights

Recommendations have only one goal in mind — to help improve your campaign performance using machine learning. But sometimes the reasoning for why we’re suggesting a particular recommendation hasn’t always been super clear, so we’ve taken steps to make the new recommendations tab provide more context and explanation to why we think they’d be helpful to your campaigns.
For example, for each new keyword recommended, the recommendation will show you exactly where and how it was generated, whether it has matched search terms, relevant keywords expanded based on your accounts’ existing keywords, your ad copy and landing page, or seasonality. In addition to the context, there’s also insight into the estimated volume to help you understand the impact of applying the recommendation.

Simpler navigation and notification experience

We’ve also revamped the look and feel of the recommendations experience making it easier to navigate and adopt the recommendations that you want. To help you add ads in the ad groups that don't have any ads recommendation, for example, the recommendation now provides more references like the ad suggestion by system, your high performing ads in the campaign, and your paused ads in the ad group. With that information in hand, you can easily customise the ads, copy them across, and directly apply them to the ad group, instead of creating them from scratch:

Product view of Recommendation notifications detail window.
Easily adopt new ads to expand your reach.

Finally, if there are any recommendations that couldn’t be applied, the improved notification experience now can tell you why, and what you can do to fix it:
Product view of Recommendation status notification.
Display of Recommendation status notification, providing valuable actionable information about next steps.

Let us know your thoughts

For any questions or feedback regarding recommendations, we encourage you to reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager or contact Support. You can also ping us on Twitter, or suggest a feature on the Microsoft Advertising Feature Suggestion Forum.