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Deadline for migration to Responsive Search Ads extended to 29 August 2022

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In the fall we announced our plans to focus on maximising your performance by migrating Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) on Microsoft Advertising. Our vision to focus on RSAs as a platform was well received because advertisers who have adopted RSAs on Microsoft Advertising have experienced an average increase in clicks of 17% and conversion rates of 11%.

We’ve found that more advertisers in the marketplace using RSAs is better for collective advertiser performance as it improves the intelligence of our machine learning models. With that, we are confident this migration will help continue to boost your ROI and future-proof your campaigns while giving you back some precious time. Migrating to embrace the power of automation with RSAs will help you easily produce highly customised ad copy to reach customers with the most potential to convert once on your website.

Updated migration to RSA timeline

Thanks to your feedback, we know you’d like a bit more time to prepare for this migration, so we’ve extended the deadline to 29 August 2022. Starting on this date, RSAs will be the only search ad type that can be created or edited in standard search campaigns. Expanded Text Ads will continue serving along with RSAs, but we will no longer support the ability to create new or edit existing Expanded Text Ads moving forward.

Tips for preparing for migration on 29 August

  1. Ensure there’s at least one RSA in all your ad groups. To help fill in any gaps with AI-infused suggestions and maximise your performance, we suggest using the Recommendations tab in Microsoft Advertising online.
  2. If you already have RSAs set up in your Google Ads, the Google Import tool is your shortcut to mirror your campaigns/ad groups with a couple of clicks in Microsoft Advertising online or Editor. Automatically scheduled Google Imports are highly recommended to make this migration even easier for you.
  3. Leverage the top-performing content from your existing Expanded Text Ads by embedding them into distinct RSA assets (headlines and descriptions).
  4. Implement ad customisers, countdowns, dynamic keyword insertions, and location insertions for even more dynamic customisation in your RSAs. Work with your Microsoft Advertising account team to sign up for the open beta which is ad customisers, everything else is generally available.
  5. Get familiar with RSA performance reporting and optimise your current RSAs by reviewing asset strength, combination reports, and other details within the Asset tab.
  6. Take our 10-minute online RSA course and sign up for the Automation virtual bootcamp 10-12 May to learn more.

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