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MJ DePalma

Head of Inclusive Business Impact, Microsoft Advertising


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Inclusive prompt engineering: How to boost your ad performance with better copywriting

Combining these three powerful tools – Microsoft Copilot’s generative AI, strategic prompt engineering skills, and inclusive advertising insights – advertisers can aim to outperform their baseline ad campaign performance while saving time and effort.

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An African-American woman sits at her desk in an office in front of her laptop PC and mobile phone.

New Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes showcase brand values

Marketing with Purpose is a critically important component in authentically demonstrating diversity and inclusion for your business. We’ve added four more business attributes to our growing list and extended their availability to European markets.

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Show your brand values: Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes

Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes help you differentiate your brand, highlighting unique attributes that showcase how you demonstrate responsibility, how your brand values align with those of your customers, and how your brand is being inclusive.

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Marketing with Purpose course: Accelerate brand loyalty and growth

Marketing with Purpose can accelerate business growth and help create authentic connections between brands and their customers. Complete the new Marketing with Purpose course to learn marketing tactics and data-driven actions to build brand trust.

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Guide to growth: Mining for inclusive keywords

Get up to speed on creating diverse and inclusive consumer experiences, including in your keyword strategies. Learn how to mine inclusive keywords.

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