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Microsoft Monetize Ad Server

Monetize Ad Server* puts you in control of your entire ad sales business, from decisioning to delivery, with an open and transparent ad serving solution.

Benefits of Monetize Ad Server

Enhance your approach to revenue

Comprehensive tools help you plan, sell, and deliver on your monetization program goals from line item setup to yield optimization.

Optimize performance with confidence

Take control of your business with unparalleled forecasting, analytics, and servicing that enable you to iterate upon your strategy with certainty.

Commitment to data, identity, and privacy

A transparent and comprehensive approach to data, identity, and privacy puts your success first so you can manage your business how you see fit.

Holistic demand management

Effectively prioritize demand sources and optimize revenue across direct sales and programmatic channels. Our flexible campaign tools give you complete control over targeting, pricing, priority, delivery, pacing, and auction mechanics. You can even supplement your direct sales revenue with programmatic demand from a first and third-party marketplace via the integrated Monetize SSP. Plus, managing transaction types like Programmatic Guaranteed and PMPs is made more efficient with the integrated Monetize SSP and our wrapper manager, Prebid Server Premium.

Sophisticated forecasting via Yield Analytics

Gain a complete picture of your data, helping you improve inventory pricing and operational efficiency. We have a long history of developing accurate forecasting insights that inform planning, pacing, and decision-making for both direct and programmatic selling. No-hassle reporting allows you to easily understand and manage sales performance, earn more for your audience data, and optimally deliver on guaranteed commitments.

Enhanced approach to CTV monetization

Maximize the value of your inventory with advanced CTV capabilities that provide a premium experience for your viewers and buyers. You can implement competitive separation requirements and frequency capping to adhere to advertiser compliance rules and reduce viewer ad fatigue. With ad podding, you can seamlessly stitch multiple ads into a single commercial break for a TV-like experience. Communicate descriptive contextual signals and layer on data to strengthen the value of your inventory.

Unlock the full value of your inventory

Control of your entire ad sales business, from decisioning to delivery, with an open and transparent ad serving solution.

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