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Travel insights: Be prepared for experiential trends

March 01, 2022
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Travelers are hungry for new and exciting experiences in 2022 and beyond. Microsoft Advertising Insights found that searches for Tour Operators are up 45% compared to pre-pandemic, and clicks are up 197% year-over-year.1 Searches for Tourist Attractions are also up 14% compared to 2019, and volumes are expected to increase for this subcategory beginning in April.2

Searches and clicks for Concerts and Music Festivals are also rebounding. With 14% of survey respondents planning on attending a local music event during their 2022 travels, ensure budgets are in place in time for spring and summer events.3

Travelers are also expected to prioritize luxury experiences in 2022 and beyond; searches for Luxury Travel are up 26% year-over-year, and are surpassing 2019 numbers by 10%.4 Lastly, flexibility will also be key for travelers. We found that searches for travel insurance and travel brands’ policies are up 69% compared to pre-pandemic.5

For trending experiences and recommendations on how to maximize spend, download the insights.

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