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Monetize Ad Server for CTV publishers

A single solution that has everything you need to own your complete Connected TV (CTV) advertising business.

With simplified demand management, advanced CTV advertising capabilities, and precise forecasting, analytics, and servicing, you can enhance your approach to video and optimize performance with confidence. 

Two adults and a child watch TV and laugh while sitting in a couch.
A man and three children watch TV and smile while sitting in a couch.

Own your complete CTV advertising business


Improve monetization, save time, and simplify demand management with a single CTV advertising solution that has everything you need to plan, sell, and optimize yield across sales channels.

  • Integrated platform advantage: Leverage direct integrations with Monetize SSP, Invest DSP, and Curate to holistically manage your ad business in one place.
  • Sales management: Control your targeting, budgeting, and prioritization across programmatic and direct sales within a streamlined workflow.
  • High-value programmatic demand: Execute programmatic guaranteed and preferred deal transactions with premium buyers through a dedicated deal management interface and access unique demand via Curate.
  • Prebid Server Premium: Foster competition and improve yield by analyzing demand in a real-time unified auction.
  • Multi-format: Support all your formats and devices including CTV, display, and mobile app.

Enhance your approach to CTV advertising


Maximize the value of your inventory with advanced Connected TV capabilities that ensure a premium experience for your viewers and buyers.

  • Compliance and controls: Implement competitive separation requirements and frequency capping to adhere to advertiser compliance rules and reduce viewer ad fatigue.
  • Ad podding: Seamlessly stitch together multiple video advertisements into a single commercial break to generate incremental revenue.
  • Enriched data: Communicate descriptive contextual signals and layer on first- and third-party data to strengthen the value of your inventory and ensure advertisers reach their targeted audiences.
  • Flexible server-side ad insertion/dynamic ad insertion (SSAI/DAI) integrations: Connect directly with your preferred server-side (dynamic) ad insertion vendors to eliminate latency during ad break transitions.
Two adults smile while watching TV in bed.
Two adults embrace while watching TV in a couch.

Optimize your performance with confidence


Take control of your business with unparalleled forecasting, analytics, and servicing that enable you to iterate upon your strategy with certainty.

  • Superior forecasting: Inform your planning, pacing, and decisioning for direct and programmatic selling with accurate insights based on two years of historical data.
  • No-hassle reporting:​ Eliminate reporting hurdles with on-demand access to expansive analytics to evaluate and improve performance.
  • Impactful troubleshooting:​ Diagnose and resolve delivery and pacing issues via an intuitive monitoring workflow that eliminates the need to engage with a ticketing system.
  • Collaborative partnership: Bring your strategic vision to life with the support of world-class servicing and account management teams who are invested in your long-term success.

Ovation TV expands programmatic sales and unlocks premium demand

Learn how Ovation TV has emerged as a leading independent cable network in the advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) and free, ad-support streaming (FAST) TV market.

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