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Give prospective customers more reasons to click your ads with Callout Extensions. Include these short phrases in your text ads to highlight key features of your business.
Highlight top features of your business.

Why Callout Extensions?

  • Spotlight your best.
    With up to four Callout items per ad, tell customers what’s best about your deal, your offer, your business.

  • Expand your ad.
    Callout extensions allow you to increase your share of screen space with an additional line in your ad, which could increase your click-through rate.

  • Focused value.
    Callout Extensions increase your ad size. However, because Callout Extensions don't provide users with additional links (Sitelink Extensions do), they allow you to maintain focus on your primary link and your value promise.

More benefits:

  • Use the same easy setup tools as other ad extensions in Microsoft Advertising.
  • Combine with other extensions to boost engagement.
  • Callout Extensions can appear for mainline and sidebar ads.

Add callout extensions

Illustration showing a Callout Extension displayed in an ad within search results. 

What’s the cost?

Callout Extensions are free to activate and included in your ads. The Callout text is not clickable. Use them as much or little as you like at no additional cost.

Start using Callout Extensions

Learn how to add Callout Extensions to campaigns and start spotlighting more reasons for customers to choose your business. Consider other enhancements such as Review Extensions and Image Extensions.


  Add Callout Extensions