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Valentine’s Day 2022: Maximize engagement with top trends

January 2022

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In anticipation of Valentine’s Day 2022, Microsoft Advertising Insights determined trends across key categories based on Valentine’s Day 2019-2021.

We found that clicks for the Cards & Greetings and Flowers categories are following 2019 trends. Responsive Search Ads represent nearly twice as many clicks as product ads for the Gift category and one-third of click traffic for Cards & Greetings. These ads help create a more flexible ad experience and increase engagement, so be sure to include them in your strategy.

In the Flowers category, advertisers have increased their investment in the Microsoft Audience Network by 142% year-over-year. And lastly, Jewelry is trending at or near 4-year highs across most metrics, and we found that clicks were evenly spread throughout the week when looking at click distribution by day.

This Valentine’s Day, ensure that you have coverage across the entire Microsoft Network to maximize performance.

Download the insights for additional performance trends.

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