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The Future of Digital

March 2023

  • Research
  • White paper
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The digital landscape is evolving

Undeniably, there are seismic shifts in global digital ecosystems today. From innovations like ChatGPT, that are transforming how we create and communicate, to the consumer expectations of ethical behaviors of brands—the future of digital is here.

Alongside The Future Laboratory, a UK futures consultancy, Microsoft developed research to pinpoint what’s next for the digital landscape. Three new thematic shifts—Cross-Reality Discovery, Equitable Media, and Feedback Frontiers—emerged, highlighting that the behavioral dynamics between marketers and consumers are shifting swiftly.

The three themes outline that:

  • The evolving Cross-Reality Discovery theme is capturing new consumer behaviors, where people are now engaging with each other—and with products—in blended phygital (physical and digital) spaces.
  • The evolving Equitable Media theme is capturing new and essential conversations in our culture, where consumers are now expecting brands to influence real structural change. People want brands to use their power and platforms for the betterment of the world, incentivizing action beyond consumerism.
  • The evolving Feedback Frontiers theme is creating new consumer behaviors, where people are now expecting brands to have personalized interactions without exploiting their data—while at the same time, being transparent about data privacy practices.

Download the full Future of Digital whitepaper to learn more about the changes that are happening now in response to the Cross-Reality Discovery, Equitable Media, and Feedback Frontiers trends.

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