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Graduation gift trends

April 2022

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A woman holds a gift and a bag while a man looks at her expectantly.

Graduation season is almost upon us, and this year 32% of consumers plan on buying gifts for high school and college graduates. Microsoft Advertising Insights is expecting gift card searches to ramp at the end of April, with an anticipated rise of 50% on average. This year also presents a giant opportunity for photo cards, with forecasts predicting searches to rise by an average of 204% and clicks by an average of 258%.

Searches are also expected to rise for categories such as jewelry engraving and dresses. As graduation parties become top of mind for consumers, beer and snack food searches are expected to rise by an average of 28% and 9%, respectively. For your upcoming campaigns, be sure to utilize Responsive Search Ads, which adapt your text ads to closely match what someone is searching for, increasing clicks by +17% on average.

For top searched queries during past Graduation seasons, as well as additional tips and tricks to maximize your budget, download the full insights.

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